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Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, Aktriana Pvt. Ltd.  is ISO certified (    ).

This company has GST number as well and natural we give GST included bill to our customers.

Hello sir, our head office is in Kolkata.

You can get our product from begachia (kolkata) and we also have our stock points in Murshidabad, Birbhum, Malda, Bangao, Raiganj.

At this moment we have total 30 products which includes personal care products as well as health care products and beauty products.

Yes we have,

 You can use Aktriana all seasons crime for your face at any time for moisturising your face, we can also use Aktiana rejuvenating skin care serum for whole skin glow and soft skin, you can use our body oil to moisturise your skin and to take relief from stress even you can use it on child too.

No but, you can contact us, we will send it to your location.

Hello, it will be a very good opportunity for you if you join with us, from last few year many people have joined our family and now they all are getting good income from this company, we can provide you our all structures relating to our employees income you can send us your valid email id and through mail we can send it to you.

Hi, Aktriana offers DSR(Direct sales representative) as a job for which you have to fill up our join form by which you can join your company and start your career.

Yes, it’s an ayurvedic company but we manufacture herbal products also.

Aktriana Pvt. Ltd. has two managing directors Abhishek Roy & Dr. Parikshit Debnath.

Hello, our company appoints its DSR(Direct sales representative) through this you can start your business, you can stock our product as and stockist as like a distributor or dealer.

No, actually we have some schemes for all products and the percentage which distributor could get that will be dependent on the scheme.

Yes, it can. But to get result you have to use it for at least 3 months.

Hi, our company provides a golden opportunity for its employees to get a huge career. We can join and take a code in our company and then you will become a DSR and then you well get a target in every year if you fulfil that target then you will get promotion by which your scope will be more wide than before and your percentage of income will be increased accordingly. On other hand if you think you want to take stock point and want to be a distributor or dealer then also there is a very good opportunity is waiting for you.

No, but if you want our product then you can contact us and we will send it to your location.

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