About Us

Our Visionary

The journey of Aktriana begins with the visionary endeavor by Prof. (Dr.) Pratip K. Debnath an eminent Ayurveda Scientist & Physician of international acclaim. His vision was to provide effective and affordable healthcare for ordinary people in far-flung villages who had limited access to proper healthcare. He hailed from a traditional Ayurveda Vaidya Parampara at Nalhati, Birbhum to a household name that at once will bring to mind trust and reliability.

Prof. Pratip K. Debnath represents thirteen generation of traditional family and apprenticed under his father Kaviraj Labanya Gopal Debnath since childhood. His only son Dr. Parikshit Debnath following the same tradition completed BAM.S (University of Calcutta), M.Phil in Public Health (University of Dhaka and University of Oslo) & M.D. in Ayurveda (RGUHS, Bangalore).

The roots of Ayurveda can be traced to the beginning of Indus Valley Civilization (2300 -1750 BCE). Ayurveda the science of living is an accumulated knowledge base of antiquity catering health and wellness in continuity.

The journey begins

The tale begins when traditional Ayurveda knowledge meets technology. The  entrepreneurs Parikshit Debnath, Subhadip Banerjee, Abhishek Roy’s dream join hands with marketing veteran Mr Biswapriya Roy on promoting Ayurveda and Wellness into an array of healthcare and wellness products devoted to happiness and health. Promotion and development of the traditional knowledge to the society in the form of wellness is the vision and passion of the company. Venturing the wellness arena is not just business but mission. Our steering belief is to deliver and constantly develop range of healthcare and wellness products for wellness embedded in our traditions. Aktriana is set up to produce and dispense Ayurveda and Herbal Life Care products.

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